NetP: A Networked Message Passing Library

NetP is a message passing library that allows processes on multiple computers to send data to each other in a flexible, non-blocking manner. Each process broadcasts on a named channel, and any process listening to the named channel receives the data on that channel. Because everything is done using non-blocking broadcasts, processes can keep running even if related processes die. We find this convenient for our complex, multi-module robot research systems.

NetP works under Linux and Mac OS X (and probably other similar things), and the API uses swig to become identically usable from C++, Java, and Python.

We are happy to announce that netp 1.0 is now available for download and goverened by the LGPL.

Meanwhile, here is the README for our project, and here and here are the API specs for the project.

And, of course, here is the sourceforge page of the project. We don't use the SF source repository, but feel free to submit patches, bug reports and feature requests against the released code tarballs. Logo