PData Member List

This is the complete list of members for PData, including all inherited members.
append(const PData &v)PData [inline]
clear()PData [inline]
equals(const PData &v)PData [inline]
erase(int index)PData [inline]
erase(string index)PData [inline]
erase(const char *index)PData [inline]
eval(string evalstring)PData
eval(const char *evalstring, int len=-1)PData
exportBuffer(void(*receiveCallback)(const char *buffer, int size))PData
find(const PData &v)PData [inline]
get(string index)PData [inline]
get(const char *index)PData [inline]
get(int index)PData [inline]
getDouble()PData [inline]
getFloat()PData [inline]
getInt()PData [inline]
getLong()PData [inline]
getNextKey()PData [inline]
getString()PData [inline]
getType()PData [inline]
getTypeEnum()PData [inline]
has(const PData &v)PData [inline]
hasKey(const char *v)PData [inline]
hasNextKey()PData [inline]
init(string typestring)PData
init(const char *typestring, int len=-1)PData
insertTransmit(char *buf_start, char *buf_end)PData
isRaw()PData [inline]
iterateKeys()PData [inline]
keys()PData [inline]
operator double()PData [inline]
operator float()PData [inline]
operator int()PData [inline]
operator long()PData [inline]
operator string()PData [inline]
operator<<(ostream &o, PData &p)PData [friend]
operator=(int v)PData
operator=(long v)PData
operator=(float v)PData
operator=(double v)PData
operator=(string v)PData
operator=(PData &v)PData [inline]
operator==(const PData &v)PData [inline]
operator[](string index)PData [inline]
operator[](const char *index)PData [inline]
operator[](int index)PData [inline]
PData(PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(int v, PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(long v, PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(float v, PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(double v, PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(string v, PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(const PData &v, PData *owner=NULL)PData
PData(const char *command, const char *evalstring, int len=-1)PData
PData(const char *command, string evalstring)PData
PData(string command, string evalstring)PData
quoteString(string &s)PData [static]
raw(string rawbytes)PData
raw(const char *rawbytes, int len=-1)PData
resize(int size)PData [inline]
set(int v)PData [inline]
set(long v)PData [inline]
set(float v)PData [inline]
set(double v)PData [inline]
set(string v)PData [inline]
set(PData &v)PData [inline]
setNull()PData [inline]
size()PData [inline]
toString()PData [inline]
unquoteString(string &s)PData [static]

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